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2011 Felixstowe Not Quite Heaven?

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Landguard  Fort Open Day 27 March 2011
Landguard Fort Open day  which was held on 27 March 2011 proved most interesting for visitors and display holders alike. The many stalls demonstrated the many interests in the Felixstowe area
These included Felixstowe Family History Society, National Coast Watch Institution, Felixstowe Radio and the welcome return of Felixstowe TV , Guide Dogs For the Blind.
Richard Bradshaw  was in top form telling of spooky happenings at the Fort recounting things going bump in the night  both past and present,  with tales of murder in the bath  the  account of the stolen hankerchief  suicide and intrigue of firing squads .
The volunteers of this English Heritage site need to hear a hearty well done for all the hard work and excellent presentation  at this excellent  facility.
Richard Bradshaw  in fine form Story teller extraordinary  
Penny Parker with guide Dogs for the blind “ no problem with dropping temperatures”
Volunteer rescue at the ready
Visitors going to the Soldiers washroom to hear of  spooky  goings on
Felixstowe Radio and welcome return of Felixstowe TV