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2011 Felixstowe Not Quite Heaven?

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Voices were raised in anger at the exhibition held at Felixstowe Town Hall  on 18th April 2011.

Publicity entitled New Life for the Bartlet NHS Suffolk, included proposals to convert the Bartlet into 21 apartments and the Annex into 4 apartments and 3 town houses with provision for a further 3 town houses.  

The dissatisfaction expressed  by public was to the effect that the NHS now seemed to be acting more like a property dealer than health provider.  No health care being provided in the proposals, Questions posed were, where had the money gone that was left in Dr Bartlet’s will to maintain the building in perpetuity and how could the building be sold when not owned by the seller, as the property had been given as a gift to the people of Suffolk.
Concerns were expressed that these luxury flats if built would simple be used as holiday or second homes. The statement in the publicity that the former convalescent home was no longer suitable for modern health care was queried and the question asked, has any independent opinion been sought ?
With  needs of an ageing population increasing everyday, fears were expressed that it really is against the public interest  for the Bartlet to be disposed of in this way.  
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