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2011 Felixstowe Not Quite Heaven?

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Historic Vehicle Run Felixstowe 2011
Sunday 1 May 2011 The 41st Ipswich to Felixstowe Historic Vehicle Run
Over 500 cars, motor cycles, lorries, buses and militaries were on display along  Felixstowe  promenade today, many showing a patriotic flavour as flags fluttered in the bracing Suntrap Sea breeze. Hundreds of people turned up to view the event as vehicles were brought this year on to the prom from the Manor End.  
Patriotic Suffolk Type Group Transport
Flags from every conceivable spot  neck position
Dressed for the part  a 1920’s ? DJ plays some 78 LPs
Wow what a vehicle
Easier to get into than some of the Royal Transport this weekend
What a Gem
Path revealed freshly swept for access to the prom...... Much appreciated by older veteran car viewers
I'd rather ride on my motorsickle