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2011 Felixstowe Not Quite Heaven?

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On the Bartlet  Convalescent Home 85th Anniversary a bed push took place along the Felixstowe Promenade on 5th June 2011. This started at the Sea Road Car Park and proceeded all along the promenade to the Cotman Hall  which is behind Mrs Simpsons tea rooms. Here a display and health forum took place together with the cutting of a celebration cake. This was to show that opposition to the selling of the Bartlet in order to build luxury flats is still very much alive and well. The chronic need for the Bartlet to continue its use as a health facility has been brought to public attention with the recent disastrous report concerning Ipswich Hospital failures.
Many Bartlet supporters consider that the PCT would do well to concentrate on health issues rather than become property entrepreneurs  
Bartlet 85th Anniversary Celebrations and Bed Push
The fight for proper care as available in other parts of the country, goes on
With the magnificent Bartlet Building in the background protesters pose on Felixstowe Promenade,  with Teddy Bear at the ready
No to Posh  Flats
Felixstowe Radio conducting an interview  on the promenade near Mrs Smpsons Tea Rooms
Bartlet 85th Happy Birthday cake
Youngest and oldest supporters blowing the candles out
Cutting the cake and opportunity for everyone to replace lost energy after the long walk