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Felixstowe History Past and Present

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South Seafront buy-out bids are withdrawn

Compulsory Purchase orders on Felixstowe South Seafront land have been withdrawn. A public enquiry that residents wanted has been avoided. An appeal  may be lodged against the refusal by planners or revised plans submitted.

It's still money money money.

Signs  signs signs  and more signs

Work repairing the sea defences near the South Seafront area of Felixstowe has been completed and visitors and residents alike have been amazed at the number of warning signs that have appeared  they disappear in the distance towards the nature reserve.  The signs stand like sentries along the top of the sea wall warning off any enemy troops that might try to land. The need to repair the wall is more evidence of the foolishness of the plan to build houses on nearby land. The council still insist that this foolhardy plan goes ahead. Residents wonder what it is going to take to make the powers that be see sense over this stupid and dangerous venture.

Signs as far as the eye can see

Safety Railing Installation after work on sea defences

Safety Railings being fitted  after sea defence work. A sure  sign of further coastal erosion and the foolishness of the council granting themselves planning permission to build a housing estate  so close to the area