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Felixstowe History Past and Present

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Beach Station

Built 1877

Destroyed 2004

Easter Sunday Morning

Survived all the rigors of the war years !

but destroyed  by the  Strategic Rail Authority property owning arm

What a tragedy !

Demolition of Beach Station Sly, Sneaky and Cunning

Demolishment took place on the morning of Easter Sunday, Network Rail said the building was becoming unsafe  !

but who was responsible for its maintenance  ?

people were willing to take it on but did they get the chance ?No

Evening Star letters 19/4/04

The Railway Heritage Trust had expressed a keen interest in the building  and the Victorian Society

Frantic efforts were made to stop one of Felixstowe's  most historic buildings  Beach Station   being demolished. Campaigners  and historians sought a preservation notice  to stop the destruction  and also a spot listing to protect the property. The building was a vital part of  Felixstowe's history and was responsible for the birth of modern Felixstowe. It has been untouched for 127 years it had original windows with outstanding brickwork  hope had not been given up of having the station  have passenger services once again. In its heyday it was used by hundreds of visitors as they poured off the trains and headed for the beach.

Demolition Letter two days late

Arriving back at their offices after the Easter Holiday Councillors in Felixstowe were bemused to find a letter informing them one of the town's most historic buildings was to be demolished two days after it had already happened.


The Strategic Rail Authority are seeking compensation from tax payers because the demolition was delayed by campaigners

Evening Star 23/4/04

A touching display of the strength of feeling at the loss of  Beach Station  a single floral wreath  hanging on the wire provides a stark contrast to the rubble of all that is left of the Victorian Station. Placed there by pensioner Michael Tull who said " I feel it was totally unnecessary destruction  of something that was a part of the history of Felixstowe. " I don't see what the hurry was to pull it down.

Evening Star 17/4/2004

Felixstowe Beach Station Demolished