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Suffolk Coastal ignoring its own

policies Evening Star  Letters 21/8/02

Policy AP201 Tourism is to be encouraged subject to (a) respect for the Edwardian or Victorian character of existing  buildings and compatibility with surrounding uses.

Page 19. DESIGN 2.5. (1) " To ensure design of all new development relates and respects the historical form, scale and character of the locality."

You can easily get over this one by pulling down the Herman de Stern and former Coastguard Station.

The Martello Tower is, fortunately, a listed building but will look like a pea in the middle of a concrete  jungle at the end of the day.

Policy AP107 11.48. Restraint Policy/Housing Strategy includes the clause(f) The avoidance of locations vulnerable to landslip and coastal erosion.

There is evidence to prove erosion of the entire Felixstowe coastline.

Policy AP202. Page 268. "Residential development will only be acceptable if it constitutes a MINOR part of the land

uses and it can be demonstrated that only by its inclusion can the principal (recreation)uses referred to be secured." This is the clause referred to by Councillor Dangerfield. Housing and car parking will take up the greater part of this recreation land.

Policy AP88 6.7 Redundant Public Buildings. "Where closure of a particular building is known specific policies for its future use are included in the relevant area policies" - Although we have been told the late 19th century Herman de Stern is to be demolished it remains included in the Local Plan  so giving the impression it is to be converted for recreation use. Developers, however, tell us they would not want the building even if in pristine condition.

Policy AP202 AREAS AT RISK FROM FLOODING. "New development or intensification of a development will not be permitted in areas at risk from flooding.

Well, we live on a tidal flood plain for heavens sake and  have provided more than adequate details/information of existing problems to both the Environment Agency and Suffolk Coastal. It is a fact the sea wall is no longer of a sufficient height to deter a surge tide. Evening Star  Letters 21/8/02

Alarming Cracks are Evident on the Sea Wall

Manor End