Felixstowe's Greatest Land Give Away
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Less than the Ideal Building Site

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This is the question

being asked  ?

Felixstowe's Greatest Land Giveaway To build on a Flood Plain ???

Prime South Seafront Land  is to be given away by Suffolk Coastal District Council in exchange for the construction by  a    preferred  buildi ng firm of an  amphitheatre ,wooden  galleon and gardens which residents consider will be miniscule compared with the 200 plus houses that are to  be  built. Many   living in Felixstowe and surrounding area have asked if this project is     indeed good value, when considering the worth of the land and the future maintenance costs that will be incurred by council Tax  payers throughout the area.

It is obvious that the present wave wall is inadequate to protect these proposed houses  from the sea and residents think that this will put at risk the whole area as the land at present acts as a soak away in times of stormy weather

Residents are told that there is no

danger of flooding  but scenes like this tell a different story

Experts said the

Titanic was unsinkable but it was too late when they were proved  wrong

Residents Believe that those planning this Canute  Type Scheme are sticking their heads in the sand (or in this case mainly shingle) and seem unable to realize the danger loss and sorrow  future residents are going to be  caused  by this ill thought out plan.