Not Wanted the Unheeded Message
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Less than the Ideal Building Site

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Future of Seafront Unveiled.     The meeting was so popular seats had to be booked.


Evening Star 9/5/02

The Answer to the " consultation" was a clear


Residents Know the Land is Not suitable for this scheme.  Every week Lorries become trapped in the shingle  as they try to turn round finding their way The thought of building several storey houses  boggles the minds of the residents

Evening Star 10/6/02

Protestors get a soaking in homes protest

2005 Council Solution don't bother with consultation don't bother with freedom of information just dictate and go through the motions of democracy

paddlers message Evening Star 2/1/03

Brave sea dippers went for a splash to raise money and protest against homes being built on flood plains. Supporters of the Save South Seafront Soak away  group donned home made Victorian-style bathing suits to take a chilly dip in the North Sea at Felixstowe