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Less than the Ideal Building Site

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Ripples in Time written for Orwell Spirit Summer 2003

A Play written by local playwright portraying ripples in time  performed by youngsters of Orwell  High School as the important events in the history of Felixstowe are shown in an interesting and striking manner . The coming of the railway with Colonel Tomline , the  suffragette movement, activities in setting fire to the Bath hotel at Felixstowe, the horror of the 53 floods. Spike, one of the characters in the play asks "What are all the notices in the windows of the houses? The old lady replies they're wanting to build houses on open ground behind me -just think of it Madness. Referring to notices displayed around  in Felixstowe

' Say No to South Sea Front over development .'

The play asks the question  Has anything been  learnt from the horror of the of the East Coast floods  and the answer is plain to see.

It's Madness


307 people drowned

24,000 homes flooded

1,200 breaches

160,000 acres of farmland flooded on East Coast

53 Floods

Much was made of the 50th anniversary of the East Coast Floods  and local press and radio portrayed the horror of the tragedy in a very sensitive and informative manner. It is understandable therefore the feelings of betrayal of those survivors who lost loved ones to see plans to build on a flood plain and put future generations at risk

See An Experience of the Floods

Seafront homes bid may be scuppered by insurers Insurers might refuse to give cover for new homes built on Felixstowe Seafront because of the risk of flooding. Felixstowe councillor Dot Paddick said " I cannot believe the council will allow this site to be built on knowing it is a flood plain. Sandbags are issued to people in Manor Terrace every winter, the waves regularly come over and the council wants to put  people there.

Evening Star 16/8/02

Revised danger notices  residents see as a sure sign of further costal erosion and the folly of building on the flood plain.

Houses Ad Seafront Anger Over Houses Ad

Irate residents fighting a multi million pound housing and tourism project today branded the developers "totally insensitive " for advertising the homes before the issue is settled. Edwina Rust of the Save South Seafront Soak away Association , said "it is totally insensitive " they know how upset the residents are about this scheme and we are still campaigning against it." We are trying to persuade the authorities how wrong it will be to build here  and the company which is in partnership with the council, is already advertising the homes. "If that is not pre-empting the issue I don't know what is" It feels as if everyone is riding roughshod over the public," she said. Evening Star 26/1/03