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Less than the Ideal Building Site

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Building Folly.

The Folly of Building on this land is now plain for anyone to see , in glorious 360 degree zoom on the excellent BBC Suffolk website .

The low wave wall is evident from the panning action of the camera.

Residents have seen the beach huts tossed like corks over this wall during rough seas  Those living in the area as well as visitors alike cannot believe the Canute type attitude to actually build houses on this land.

This land acts as a soak away and residents believe that to build on it will put the whole area in danger of flooding

Go to the following link to see the area in question


Go to more from In Pictures Panoramas A-D and Click on Coastwatch Felixstowe view 1

You can always tell a Texan but you cannot tell him much.

Public consultation is underway to improve provision of affordable Housing  within the district. Where threshold is to be lowered  and proportion increase to 30% build

Interest in the outcome of the seaside schemers is not limited to the South of Felixstowe or East Anglia but communications have been received from  flood forum groups and from other parts of the would including New Zealand, Australia and USA. Many visitors and relatives are appalled at the thought of how it will spoil the character and ambience of the area remembering  much loved visits of happy holidays spent in a seaside atmosphere to that of a poorly thought out housing plot that will have the opposite effect of regenerating Felixstowe.

They are only joking this this Project  for affordable housing appears to be less than 10%