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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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Residents warned the Council at the only real public consultation  about the flood danger  which was ignored

Every single reason listed below is flawed  in one way or another


Application C0511723 was considered to be a departure from the development plan in that it ran contrary to policy AP202 of the Suffolk Coastal Local Plan which requires any housing development to constitute a minor part of the development and requires the retention of the Herman De Stem.

The Council considered that there were other material considerations which justified approval notwithstanding that the development represented a departure. In the council's view significant benefits would be generated by the development on the basis that;

Toilets will not be accessible when the sea gates are closed , No doubt new home owners will be delighted  to open their toilets for public use,

Tourists will be really stimulated by this building site.

"Grampian " Style Conditions Apply