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2005 Proposals and Developments

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New  Development proposals Called in

The secret plans for the South Seafront Development Proposals that many residents believe flouts the new Freedom of Information Act laws has been called in by councillors

Reasons for calling in the proposals are given below



As members of Suffolk Coastal District Council the undersigned wish to call in to that committee recent Cabinet decisions in the above report.

1. Decision unclear as to arrangements for public consultation before revised scheme is submitted as a planning application. This goes against advice given by the CPA relating to the failed original application C04/0300 which particularly highlighted inadequate public consultation.

2. The revised scheme fails to address fully the refusal of the original scheme on the grounds of it not being compliant with AP202. Furthermore, the 250 letters of objection were not taken into account.

3   Decision made with only partial information being, given to the Task Group on the position of the Herman de Stern building and Martello Tower P. This could lead to another refusal, costing time and money for SCDC Council Tax payers.

Visitors should not fear  that they will be asked for passports  when walking  the Felixstowe promenade. You are not crossing over into a third world  state  Despite councillors referring to derelict land  this is not true. The land has only been neglected by the council for reasons of their own. As can been seen by the boarded up Herman De Stern, residents believe the reasons given for demolishing this are also not true. The Suffolk Preservation Society has said  "that the justification for destroying this to be totally unacceptable, unconvincing and to be the weakest case ever put forward in order to secure the demolition of an important historical building."

Residents are trying to get to the bottom of why all this is being done but the cloak of fabricated secrecy has prevailed up till now.  The people of Felixstowe hope that  truth and justice will come to pass in the not too distant future

Passports not Needed

Herman De stern Boarded up. The object on the prom is a waste bin not check point Charlie.

Despite the original area plan being for recreational and Leisure use  residents fear  a housing estate  in order for a few to make money.

Herman De Stern Asbestos excuse is a  Red Herring

A report on the Herman De Stern  says that half the asbestos had already been removed, and that removal of the rest was not  considered to be a problem the cost of removing the remaining asbestos to  be broadly the same whether the building is demolished  or not.