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Felixstowe History Past and Present

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Worrying Signs Felixstowe South Seafront Late July 2007 Rough Seas

It was very worrying to witness the rough seas pounding on the Felixstowe South Seafront Promenade 20 July 2007. The wind was not that strong but it was powerful enough to make walking on the front dangerous as the waves swept in. It was particularly noticeable to see the channel cut in towards the low wave wall near to where the council still intends to build houses.

A lorry driver taking the air waiting for his load at Felixstowe docks was pleased to be able to grab the lamp post as the waves roar in.

With the school holidays now taking place the danger and power of the sea is often not realized by the children and to play 'chicken' with the waves is a great temptation. The neglect of maintenance of the sea defences over the years is now taking its toll and the rocks placed in front of the promenade have no doubt saved it temporarily from falling into the sea but does present a bit of a hazard to the once excellent Felixstowe beach.