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Following a lifetime in medicine at Ipswich Hospital , Doctor John Henry Bartlet was determined to provide the post-operative care of rehabilitation and convalescence in a therapeutic setting for all patients in the area. The seaside location chosen by his executors, the High Court and Ipswich Hospital was Felixstowe and was operated by the Bartlet Trust until the NHS, having agreed to protective conditions, took over the site sixty years ago.

The NHS, since 2002, has had continuous restructuring which initially had a disjointed and wasteful PCT too small to cope, and now, has one too large to care. The PCT's financial position is dire because of Department of Health under-funding, with very poor central and local management squandering resources. The only assets remaining to them, are the hospital sites.

A group, the Bartlet Bequest Action Group (BBAG), was formed in 2007 to represent and protect the interest of the 500 000 people eligible to use this convalescent home under the terms of Doctor Bartlet's will. It may be necessary to take legal action against the SPCT who it appears intend to dispose of the site to a Manchester based developer.

Please join the fight to reclaim your gift from Doctor Bartlet.

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Email: savethebartlet@yahoo.com

BBAG, Cygnus House, Orion Court, Great Blakenham, Suffolk IP6 0RL - Tel: 07967 086512

Battle to Save the Bartlet