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The Development Debate

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Value of Soak Away

Maintenance Free Soak away that works ! If the land was developed in line with the local plan for recreation and leisure  and not over developed as the present planning application of 209 houses and is more like a building complex., with tons of concrete  and the need of high  cost maintenance drainage

An interview on BBC Radio Suffolk with Anglia water it was stated that concreting over gardens causes less area for water to soak away adding to problems of flooding.

How is it that Suffolk Coastal Council is still trying to reverse the planning refusal for Felixstowe South Seafront Land. Fears of the Save the South Sea  Front Soak Away  Group have been saying exactly this. That there is a danger to life and property if the land is concreted over   this common sense which it seems the Council sadly lacks.

Coals from Newcastle

Felixstowe sea gate maintenance  with view of soak away in background

Local residents were surprised to see bags of sand deposited near the sea gates  and wondered if it was a question of coals from Newcastle but were pleased to know that the sand was for use in emergency should there be a problem with rough seas when the sea gates were not in place.

Wot no gate ?

Gate work off as sandbags are scrapped

Gate renovation work was suspended  second week in October 2004 and put on hold until spring because work fell behind schedule. Only those nearest Manor Terrace have been serviced and given a Felixstowe blue paint job. Local residents are pleased that the gates are now in position as they know from experience that the land would be flooded during the coming winter storms. Residents are sorry that the Suffolk Coastal are still not listening to local suggestions and think that the building of "upmarket blocks of flats" on the land a recipe for a future disaster both to the future second home owners with a sea view and increased flooding danger to present properties.


Mary of Mansfield

said "As a frequent visitor to Felixstowe I certainly don't come to see a housing estate which is certainly what this crazy plan seems to be " They must be joking if they are thinking of building on this flood plain.

Rocks piled up against Manor End Promenade  to break the fury of the sea  residents have been amazed  that building 209 houses within close proximity of this could even be contemplated