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Rebekah's Dragon and Disabled Access to Felixstowe Promenade

Rebekah's Dragon, drawn by a talented Bristol ten year old flew into Felixstowe on 1 April 2007 to encourage and warm up the regeneration committee and inspect the excellent dragon accommodation now available at the Suntrap. The holiday will be cut short though by the 23rd of the month (Saint George's day) due to other welsh holiday invitations, and also a previous dispute between one of Rebekah's relatives and Saint George. Rebekah's dragon has categorically denied having anything to do with any previous fire conflagrations in the Felixstowe area. Namely the Bath Hotel, The Hermitage, The Ranelagh Theatre, Beach House and the earmarked for demolition Herman De Stern, and being partial to fish certainly not Doug Goodall's old fishing hut.

The excellent disabled walk way ramp situated near to where the Herman De Sten stood before demolition and enables wheelchairs etc. easily to get to the promenade and saves the worry of becoming trapped on the prom with a wheel chair. This has happened several times due to the need to quickly close the sea gates during adverse weather conditions, The ramp goes over the low wave wall as can be seen by this photograph. The evident total unsuitability of building houses on the Felixstowe South Seafront Floodplain and soak away that the council still insists on doing, is plain to see

Rebekah's dragon readily admits to having Knightmares and is being encouraged to sleep under the seaward side of the ramp, in case of any accidents during fiery moments. This will damp things down as the sea now regularly washes round this area. This is close to the where Felixstowe firemen put their hoses into the sea in attempt to save the Herman De Stern from destruction.