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Michael Mandelstam

Collapse of public trust in NHS Trusts

Book release

Jimmy Young

Lord Phillips of Sudbury

Mrs Elizabeth Pearce Chairman

(BBAG) Steering Committee

The Bartlet Bequest Action Group (BBAG) Steering Committee Formed.

The Bartlet Bequest Action Group (BBAG) Steering Committee. was formed on 2nd February 2007 to support the retention of the Bartlet Convalescent Home.

Officers elected were Mrs Elizabeth Pearce as Chairman, Mr Barry Farr as Vice Chair, Mr Peter Clarke as Treasurer (not present), Mrs Pam Dangerfield as Secretary, Dr Janet Massey, Ms Saltina Pusey, Mr Alan Miller, Mr Peter Mellor and Mr Michael Ninnmey as committee members.

Michael Mandelstam has vividly illustrated and

authenticated his grand theme - the warranted

collapse of public trust in NHS Trusts - by a blow-

by-blow account of hospital closures, in Suffolk

particularly. In the course of it he tells of public

consultations of shameless insincerity and of

almost Orwellian "mantras, euphemism, and double-

think". Above all, his is a cautionary tale of our

times - of ideological centralisation out of touch

with local realities.'

Lord Phillips of Sudbury, life peer and lawyer

(Jimmy Young's "legal eagle")