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"Psalm 8:2 Out of the mouth of babes " PCT put to shame by William's Letter. this reads

My name is William I am 8 years old

I live in Ipswich

I think it is wrong to close the BARTLET

we need it not only for this generation but also

for my generation

please ! help save the BARTLET

William Seager

William was a visitor to the Bartlet Bequest Action Group Exhibition held on Saturday 20 January 2007 with his parents. This simple message cuts right through all the spin and double speke that is being issued at the present time. The short term solution of selling the Bartlet to overcome the financial situation that mismanagement and incompetence of the PCT should be challenged on every point.

The exhibition demonstrated the effective use that had been made of the Bartlet Convalescent home throughout the years. The photographs and history demonstrated how far reaching the foresight that Dr Bartlet had in the provision of the Bartlet as a Convalescent Home and the need for its continued use by the people of East Suffolk a fact that is obvious to Doctors Nursing Staff and ordinary people.

William's Letter

Bartlet Bequest Action Group Exhibition  20 January 2007.

Visitors at the Exhibition

Trustees of the Bart let

William at BBAG exhibition