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This sell off travesty will no doubt infamously go down in history.

Politicians Pct's and those perpetrating the tragedy will do well to realize that people will not forget what has happened

Benefactor Dr Bartlet of the hospital named after him. was often heard to speak of the sad lot of those in patients, especially women, who had to return to their homes after a severe operation and face toils and troubles of the home and family when they were not sufficiently strong to bare them. He never changed his opinion on this point ; the more he saw of the expanding work of the hospital  the greater became his determination to provide convalescent treatment.

Now in the enlightened 21st Century they are going to sell it off  to pay a debt? Where indeed have all the good men gone ?

Comments to Mary Goode Tel: 01473 329525

email: mary.goode@centralsuffolk-pct.nhs.uk

Right Protestors Joining hands Completely round the Bartlet.

Was it all in vain ?

Protest march Save the Bartlet !

You can con some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.

Best Property Bargain of the 21st Century!!

"The Bartlet Convalescent Home"

Grade II* listed building with spectacular sea views

Only two previous owners

Sadly last owner failed to upgrade property to current clinical specifications

This property has provided 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

medical care to a population of 300,000 people for the last 80 years

with a 2 year break during WWII.

This gives a total of 4,782,960 hours of superb rehabilitation,

palliative and respite care to those being discharged from the

Ipswich and District health delivery system.

Guide price only £1.95 million which would increase the community's health in­debtedness by a further £1.34 million!!

Hurry, hurry, closing date for bids is Friday 15th December 2006

Grim reaper message to Suffolk Coastal Primary Care Trust

Dr J H Bartlet Benefactor

Best Property Bargain of the 21st Century!! .... Bartlet Sale