2007 Felixstowe Shore and More

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Battered broken and torn bits of the steps washed up on the rocks at Manor End

Felixstowe Promenade Living on the brink of Destruction?

Felixstowe 23 January 2007 The Wind changed to the North East and damage was suffered to Felixstowe Promenade again, these photographs tell the tale. The years of neglect of sea defences at Felixstowe and dredging so that ships might have access to Felixstowe container port have taken their toll. A worrying gap has appeared along the front of the promenade close to where the entrance to the Council's building plans are still in place to build the hotly debated Matello Park. This was the area in the local plan what was supposed to be for recreation and leisure but was changed into a building site on the flood plain. The fact of the councils unbelieveable incompentence in not applying for the government grant in time to tackle sea defences does not quell residents fears that the whole area may soon be underwater.

a widening crack in Felixstowe promenade in spite of the rocks placed for protection

Building new houses the other side of this wall seems very foolhardy in times of global warming.

Floating Past one of Felixstowes latest lovely steps to the beach an answer to the question posed How long will they last ?

Beach huts once more disrupted