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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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Right... looks like the "no cycling on the prom "(not many people know this) notice saved this beach hut from further damage

Felixstowe Seafront Toilets temporary closed council staff cleaning out the sand etc brought in by the waves

Felixstowe Traffic Wardens Nightmare ????

Beach huts Parked on the right by the high tides do not appear to be displaying a valid ticket ????

Right Felixstowe Promenade Damage High Tide 2 Nov 06 Looking down at the fixings showing in the gap left by the buffeting waves

Rocks Piled Against Promenade seem to have saved major damage but as can be seen from this photograph a gap has again appeared on the prom and the front looks as if it is leaning towards the sea

As Feared the lovely New South Seafront Steps over the rocks suffered damage on one of the stairways two top steps are missing and as can be seen from the above photo the bottom support has been broken away,

Felixstowe promenade damage High Tide 2 November 06 the massive slabs have been easily lifted by the wave force

November 2006 High Tide Damage Felixstowe South Seafront Near Proposed Building Land