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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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This picture of Felixstowe beach taken 16 October 2006 shows the extent of the beach drop. Rocks have been piled against the promenade as a temporary means of stemming the pounding waves to protect the prom. At one time though it was possible to launch a small boat easily here as the shingle was level with the promenade. Such is the beach loss. With all this happening the council is still intending to build 158 houses on the South Sea Front Flood Plane Land at Felixstowe. Is it a question of profit being put before lives in this foolhardy venture.

Although global warming and the forces of nature are playing their part in beach erosion, the 135 million tonnes of sand and gravel being dredged off the East Anglian coastline over the last 15 years must be playing a part in the fast disappearing beaches .

Map showing Uk Dredging Areas

Here is an interesting map of the UK with marked dredging areas. It is a significant fact that erosion also takes place on the nearby beaches. Coincidence ? hardly although the dredging companies and ports would query this. But it is common sense that even to a child with a bucket and spade can figure out that if you dig a hole the nature of the sea is to fill it in.

Is Dredging and Not Nature to blame for Felixstowe Beach Erosion