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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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Diversion along promenade near Shore Break Cafe

Cameras at the ready

All ready for bank holiday site seers

More Giant Rocks to save promenade and Beach

Visitor to the Suntrap, Sue of Topaz well known in yachting circles said " I've seen the reports on TV and have come to check it out myself

Site seers observing attempts to save Felixstowe promenade

Prom fencing The council has thoughtfully provided access still to the prom so at least if visitors cannot get to the sea it can still be seen

Rocks delivered in front of Manor Terrace being loaded into a dumper

The breath taking speed accuracy and confidence the dumper driver has in his colleges has to be seen to be believed as the driver releases the rocks over the side of the promenade in the attempt to save the prom from falling into the sea close to where the council has given permission to build homes on the seafront land.

Attempts began 25 May 2006 to prevent further damage to Felixstowe promenade and sea wall. Contractors began to move tons of rock to dump over the side of the prom wall and it is hoped that this will reduce the destructive power of the waves on the wall to lesson the impact damage.

This apparently will not stop the beach erosion and the walk way might well collapse if the bottom of the wall becomes exposed to the sea.

The work is reassuring to local residents that at last something is being done.

A quick fix is better than nothing, while a proper solution is sorted out.

It is a shame that the council did not listen to residents views at the pretend consultations concerning building on the South Seafront Land that was supposed to be set aside for recreation and leisure use. Unbelievably it seems they still intend to build on this land.

Efforts to Save Felixstowe Promenade Costing £5Million

Fears that have frequently been expressed on this web site concerning the promenade risk have sadly come true!