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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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Information being given out at the pretend 'consultation' regarding the South Seafront Development at Felixstowe has proved to be incorrect. A model of the plans had not been exhibited , which would have helped to understand the perspective of the site. A repeat display was held behind the Felixstowe Leisure Centre Door blocking the way to Children's Funtasia Treasure Island. Some one described as the golden wonder boy was there acting as Long John Silver trying to persuade others to join the pirate brigade for the builders treasure island site.

Would be pirates were being told that the beach defence situation was all in hand and that work was to start shortly, this has proved to be false.

If the scheme is not stopped by being called in by the deputy prime ministers office due to it's acute departure from the local plan then the latest fiasco could be buildings being built but people not be able to occupy them until the work on the sea front is completed. To arrange something like this must take real skill and planning technique  developed to confuse all sane normal people

Residents are aghast at the latest display of utter incompetence which has been manifest throughout this wearying debacle

To Build where erosion is taking place is unfortunate to build without protection is criminal