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The Development Debate

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Trio  win Fight to visit Military Sites

Mike Ninnmey,

Dot Paddick,

Harry Dangerfield


wearing hard hats entering the

Martello Tower

After six months' trying to gain access to buildings on Felixstowe's seafront development site, three councillors photos top left were told they could look round  some council owned properties  as long as they signed disclaimers in case of accidents. Here are some photographs together with other councillors and some council officials doing so. The pictures above were all taken outside the Martello Tower which until quite recently was open to the public when the Coast watch volunteers had open days see the flags being flown below. Residents are a little mystified how the Tower could so quickly become in a dangerous state ??? Below are pictures of the cold war bunker which was declared to be far to dangerous to visit ( breathing gear and a standby hoist were declared to be needed to retrieve anyone overcome by fumes in the bunker. 

Here is a picture looking down into the cold war bunker the ladder goes straight down to the bunker floor.  Can you image what it would have been like if a nuclear explosion had taken place to emerge from this to view a scene of Felixstowe devastation.

Residents  wonder if the neglect of the properties that Suffolk Coastal wants to demolish so that this nefarious  building scheme can go ahead  is really justified. Many ordinary honest people have been shocked at the actions taken to achieve their aims the lack of information and the misinformation as to the real purpose to suit council objectives. See article:

Suffolk Coastal Ignoring it's own policies