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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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Backhander coming into operation

Not all con artists have this appearance

Con artists supreme how does £12.75 million add up to £2 million


The question is still being asked on forums and meetings Who is getting anything out of this land development other than the builder?

The Council has managed to keep the financial situation secret despite the freedom of information act.

Have the people of Felixstowe been conned when the following facts are considered.

The majority of the people in Felixstowe are against the development

The development that is currently running is against all common sense, and against all the rules and ethics laid down by the government with regards to building on a flood plain?

Why are all the rules being bent, and why is Felixstowe going to gain exactly nothing from the development

Other than having to find hundreds of thousands every year to pay for the upkeep?

Are They Con Artists ?

Greenfield area valued at above £750.000 per acre - making the site worth £12.75 million! Why is the site said to be worth only £2 million? Who is pulling whose leg ?