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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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Watch your step

Water has got behind the steel plates of the pathway

Erosion at the John Bradfield Viewing Area near Felixstowe Port

High tides have left their mark at the foreshore alongside the John Bradfield Viewing Area near Felixstowe port and the sea has found a way behind the steel-piled wall in front of Landguard Fort, one of the resort's main attractions.

The erosion has left ship­spotters worried their favourite view of the world's biggest vessels could be limited

These pictures show some of the damage which happened so suddenly

The steps to the beach have been taped off because of a deep hole which has appeared and a path protecting the fort and Crow's Nest snack bar is at risk of being washed away.

The car park at the viewing area is in use throughout the year year with all ages watching the shipping and the activities at the port.