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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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So what has led Felixstowe to be in the state it is?

Old photographs reveal that Victorian Felixstowe was in well maintained sea defences.

How have things become so much worse in a time of prosperity than when times were much harder?

How for instance is it possible that when the Felixstowe Town Council reject a scheme such as the South Seafront Development they can so easily and arrogantly be over ruled by those living miles away from the situation.

Discharge Pipe once buried in the sand now visible , perhaps could be used as a cheap greasy pole play area

The recent Jimmy's Farm documentary has shown what a farce Council's have made of planning regulations. Plans for the farm could not go ahead because of planning rules.

SCDC seem to have managed to overcome any such difficulties when it suits them simply by altering the rules.

It would seem like a Harry Potter Novel, dark and unknown sinister plans are behind what is really going on, and it will require something more powerful than Harry's wand to sort it all out.

Many have smiled at the artist's impressions of the Felixstowe Master Plan

the immediate future for people living in the South Seafront of Felixstowe looks much darker. No reachable beach, no prom, no leisure and recreational area no community centre because of the building plans.

But thanks to the council plenty of expected future traffic congestion, gridlock, with nowhere for residents or visitors to park and general organized chaos during the summer season.

Suspended on what?

Has Harry Potter been to Felixstowe for breakfast ?

Is the cafe subject to Levitation ??

What is actually Holding it up???

Very little it seems from this photo!

The Shore Break Cafe was the object of spectacular scenes during the recent high tides as photographers and sightseers held their breath as it looked likely that the cafe might collapse into the sea.

Council engineers said if the current low beach levels continue, parts of the prom are at severe risk of at least partial collapse, most likely around the Shore Break cafe in Sea Road , railings were put in place on the prom to protect the public.

Enjoy an exciting breakfast

Enjoy a "Floating in the air" type Exciting Breakfast at Suntrap Felixstowe