Beach Cafe Stranded by Erosion
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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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Passengers in the Stena Line sailing by will soon be able to reach out of the port hole to enjoy breakfast at Felixstowe

Canute style Flag being flown in defiance

Foundations in mid air

Stranded...... these are the press headlines regarding the beach cafe at Felixstowe as more scaffolding is put up in an attempt to save the building from the sea. As can be seen in the photographs the situation looks like a crazy disaster film as the beach level has fallen again showing the foundations perched in mid air.

Questions are being asked as to how the even crazier plans the Council has in giving away the land to build a housing estate on the south Seafront Land at Felixstowe close to where all this is taking place.

Confidence in the Council is at an all time low in the dubious machinations concerning this land which was supposed to be for recreation and leisure use, And is is now under such threat.

Stranded .... Under threat Beach Cafe extra scaffolding put up in attempt to save building

Scaffolding added underneath building