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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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Questions are now being asked why is it that little action has been taken to protect Felixstowe's Seafront in this area.? Where does the buck stop ? Could it be that the Councils pet Seafront Land money making venture (for some) has caused delay in applying for Government Funding for sea defences. Assurances concerning sea defence work given at a pretend consultation staged exhibition have proved false and now it would appear that Felixstowe will pay the price for another fiasco of incompetence and misinformation

Will a child of this age appreciate the danger

A worrying gap has appeared in the tarmac and the front wall which appears to be in danger of falling into the sea

The depth of a fall can be seen in this picture

Thank goodness that beware signs are now evident on Felixstowe Promenade stretching along either side of the beach cafe as can be seen in these pictures. The drop from the promenade to the beach has reached alarming proportions and the question is, will a young child appreciate the danger involved. Rocks and debris await a fall below.

Beware Signs Felixstowe Promenade May 2006