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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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Just up the beach towards the Manor Club conditions are also worrying. this is even closer to where houses are to be built

Felixstowe in the News with Press and TV Coverage Regarding the promenade collapse. National news and TV eventually caught up with local Felixstowetv internet station and this site concerning the erosion of the Promenade near the Beach Cafe.

Councillors were holding their hands up in horror as usual, but the interviews were significant to the extent that the cafe owner said that how long the beach had been disappearing under the building and nothing had been done.

Blame has been placed because the Government has not come up with the funding. But reports also mentioned that DEFRA queried whether application for beach protection work has been made.

Reports last week concerning complaints that cracks were appearing in some homes due to piling work of their sea defences in Southworld would seem to indicate that some seaside places have had their applications in on time ?

The question now is ? Why not Felixstowe ?

Herein lays the true story but whatever happens now the work is going to cost so much more because of the delay

It must be said that a council that can stage the reasons for approving a planning application to build houses on South Seafront land and tell visitors that all is well with regard to sea defences, does question how much credibility can be placed in those concerned.

Felixstowe in the News with Press and TV Coverage Regarding prom collapse

Funding Application Delay Why? 22 May 2006