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The Development Debate

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Martello Tower

Why Not included in plan ?

Rainbow of hope for objectors ?

Thorn in Estate builders Side ? Art Gallery ?

From Napoleon to Nuclear Defence the real Felixstowe Theme

The Magnificent Military Sites

Napoleon Bonaparte

Emperor of France


The historical involvement that Felixstowe has had  in defence of the country with the many  Military sites is often not realized. Can you imagine members of the royal Observer Corps  emerging from the nuclear bunker situated near the Martello tower to see  a cloud  as on the right ?

Martello Tower "P" stands in the centre of the south seafront Land, residents have been surprised and puzzled that this obvious tourist attraction has not featured in the councils plan for the area. Residents have recently come by the information that the council did in fact know about the aspirations of English Heritage as long ago as 2001 who expressed fears that the building would be left unoccupied and at risk.

Residents wonder if they have in fact been deceived all along  with  the council plans for the South Seafront land. Could it be that the reason the Martello Tower was not included in the scheme is that the builder would not be able to build the  tall Housing Tower Blocks ? If the tower was given it's rightful place in the scheme. Perhaps even Suffolk Coastal might find it difficult to explain why their own Area Plan Policies do not apply to them. Namely building on a flood plain, the Victorian/Edwardian character of the area forgotten, Building on the land changed from a minor to major part. The change of use for the land from leisure and recreation to building. The Poor return of  tax payers money for the land . Now a lottery money appeal to refurbish the tower ????  What a mess.

O, what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive! But when we've practised quite a while How vastly we improve our style.

From Walter Scott's Marmion

Sir Walter Scott

Martello Tower a Rainbow of Hope

East Coast Living History of Military Sites

Landguard Fort Martello Towers

Nuclear Bunker Bawdsey Radar