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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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How long before the fall

For a council that can ignore all it's own planning regulations in respect of the local plan and building on the Felixstowe South Seafront Land, that can ignore 250 objections to the scheme and ignore the freedom of information act and not engage in any real public consultation! anything is possible with regard to sea defence maintenance and planning.

Beware of the drop! they are not joking

Relentless waves continue to pound the promenade and the increasing size of the hole can clearly be seen from this photo

Sorry we are closed !

This is the notice displayed on the shore break cafe at Felixstowe South Seafront beach 24 May 2006 as the relentless waves continue to pound the promenade

Shore break Cafe many exciting breakfasts have been enjoyed here but due to council inability to manage the situation it looks as if there will be no more.

Sorry we are Closed ! feared notice in The Shore Break Cafe

As can be seen from this picture the flag indicates it is not rough but the waves are still crashing against the prom which was once protected by well maintained breakwaters

This picture reveals the temporary nature of the efforts being made to save the prom.

In the window Sue and Steve thank all their customers over the past four years for their custom