Council and King Canute
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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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Readers letters in the local papers are often a source of amusement and cutting truth as the one listed below bears witness

Lessons from godly King Canute

He was actually trying to teach his courtiers the truth

He was not into building on flood plains

He knew he couldn't blame the government when he got wet

He knew that the Government would not pay for his foolishness

He knew he would not be King for long billing tax payers for swimming lessons

Lessons from godly King Canute

Your Letters Headlines Evening Star Dated 25 May 2006

The clue lies in Coastal....Is King Canute in charge?

Do they spend the council tax in this area?

I am not really sure that central government is to blame for the problems with Felixstowe Prom but I suppose that we need their money to rectify the problems .

As a lad growing up in Felixstowe in the 1950s and 60s and one who almost lived in the sea in the summer months there were always council gangs at low tide who were re-building the groynes and defences.

Over the years this work does appear to have been stopped and the result is plain to see and can not be a surprise.

Suffolk Coastal Council does seem to take quite a lot of money from us all with the council tax but appears that it doesn't use any of it in this area.

Surely the word "Coastal" in its name would give them a clue.

One question - how on earth can it consider approving plans for new buildings at that end of Felixstowe? King Canute must be in charge of planning.