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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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Sad end of surfing at Felixstowe ?

tables and furniture being moved from Shore Break Cafe

Helping to move items from Shore Break Cafe

picnic tables and furniture are being cleared from the Shore Break Cafe

Is the constant dredging to allow larger and larger vessels into Felixstowe Port the real cause of the beach erosion ? this is the question being asked !

Not the best Bank Holiday Felixstowe has had! Few visitors and without a beach traders have complained that those who did come just looked at the repairs and bought little. before going home.

End of Era 1st June at felixstowe Suntrap of the East Coast Attempts Continue to save the Promenade with tons of rock being dumped over the prom wall. Will the Shore Break cafe get a stay of execution ? Picnic tables and some furniture were being moved today ready for the exit date on

2 June 2006

End of an Era Efforts Continue in an attempt to save Felixstowe Promenade