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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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Letter from Mrs G P Rowe "The groynes at Manor End are in a state for some time, the toilet block is an eyesore, and the pier is falling into the sea.

I have to smile when they come up with the idea that they have to attract tourists -with what ! Whatever happened to the lovely little clean pretty seaside town of Felixstowe? "

Disgraceful!.... these are the words of visitors to Felixstowe south seafront !

It really does look like a third world country on a war front. The Herman De Stern in ruins due to council neglect, the beach unprotected. the promenade falling into the sea!

All this in an area which was once a delight to visit and to live. The real tragedy is that the present situation can all be laid at the council's door. Felixstowe council tax payers can see they are not getting value for money compared to the rest of the country with schemes of improvements and Government incentives that are not being carried out here.

David Forster does not need correcting !

The council are expert goalpost movers ! Felixstowe South Seafront Land started out as land for recreation and leisure use in the council local plan. It proceeded to become a cleverly engineered building plan.(as it still is.)

Council subterfuge is breathtaking with councillors still informing visitors at the pretend "consultation" before granting building planning permission that the sea defence issue was all sorted.

Attempts are still being made to plug the hole in Felixstowe promenade

Remains of the cafe. The fiasco was watched on national tv as the owners of the Shore break cafe stood up to SCDC council with a threatened sit in staged until compensation was agreed worth about £50k

Who's to blame for Felixstowe Seafront problems ?

This question is constantly being asked with readers letters in the press and forums round and about the area.

David Forster wrote on June 5th 2006 about the need to shore up the sea wall in order to protect 1600 homes and businesses from flooding.

"Correct me if I am wrong, but not too long ago all all I heard was that there was no chance of south sea front flooding and it was safe to give a large piece of land to developers to build 200 houses and flats in exchange for a few bushes and plants etc."

Would someone please tell me who keeps moving the goalposts ?

Who's to blame for Felixstowe Seafront problems?