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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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Businesses, Visitors, Day trippers, Residents Preservation Groups are all up in arms at the council's handling of the Felixstowe South Seafront If the employment techniques of football clubs were applied to the council, it is doubtful that the council management would make it until the half time whistle.

Felixstowe the Suntrap of the East Coast has lived up to its name throughout July 2006 with many enjoying the beach where it is accessible. The drop from the promenade to the beach has caused concern as far as safety is concerned and parents with young children need to be extra vigilant, some of the rocks are razor sharp but without their placement the promenade would have been lost. The local newspaper the Evening Star records how that the fire which wrecked the Herman de Stern centre last year was an extremely sad end to a building which had served the seaside town in many roles.

Suffolk Coastal council, failed to grasp the nettle when there was a chance to turn it into a community theatre and arts centre and have long wanted it demolished to make way for a complete redevelopment of the south seafront.

The Suffolk Preservation Society has threatened a judicial review of the planning decision for the leisure and housing scheme, and warned that it could take out an injunction if the council demolished the Herman De Stern building.

The SPS has employed The Landscape Partnership to draw up an alternative scheme for the south seafront because it wants the very best for the site and town, and believes the Herman de Stern should be an important part of any project. Director of the society Richared Ward believes the alternative scheme delivers what the local plan says in a far better way than the Scheme the council has approved which doesn't deliver what the local plan says.

Is a Judicial Review Only way to get a grip of this Council ?

Hazards on the beach try not to get impaled ! below high water mark many dangers exist.

In the background Fire damaged Herman De Stern and Rocks Piled against Felixstowe Promenade.

Council Failure Under Attack from All Sides