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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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Will these boulders sink into the sea bed within two years ?

The drop in beach level can be realized in in this picture from the prom to the beach there are 14 steps. At one time the beach was level with the promenade

Has Jim the Barber got a point when he writes in the Felixstowe Town crier Newspaper

What, exactly, is all the fuss about the seafront? The dock company in Felixstowe wants the entrance to the port deepened so that it may bring in bigger container ships. The depth is already in excess of 50 feet - still not deep enough. The council gave permission to dredge the sea bed in order to deepen it. The council (or someone connected with the council) also gave permission for the dredged aggregate to be sold to overseas (Belgium and Holland) building concerns to use for making concrete. (Just who gets the money paid for this aggregate? Does anyone get paid for it?) Anyone connected with the sea - fishermen, sailors etc- will tell you what happens when you dig holes in the sea bed. The hole you dig is quickly filled up again from nearby sand, pebbles whatever. This comes from the nearest available supply, Felixstowe sea front in this case. You don't need to be a mathematician to put the equation together.

Docks need bigger ships to make more money (little of which comes to Felixstowe town and its people). Gravel is dug from sea bed and sold off. Material from Felixstowe beach rushes to fill hole dug by

I will make a forecast. ALL the boulders being put on the beach will sink into the sea bed within two years. Any bets?

Jim Adams

Felixstowe access to the beach via scaffolding and steps

Steps have been installed so that Felixstowe beach is at least accessible but many people are a bit fearful of using them ! It's good training for scaffolders and a cure if you don't like heights However observing a mother trying to get two young toddlers on the beach it is not so much fun. Businesses have complained about the drop in trade in the area despite hotter than ever weather for people to escape to the sea breeezes.The cause for the terrific drop in beach levels is hotly debated, the lack of any maintenance of the breakwaters being the prime reason but the continued deep dredging seems a logical reason for why this has happened

Fred Karnos Army Would be Proud... Felixstowe Beach Steps

Fred Karnos army would have been proud of the steps

Anger over delay on sea defences, headlines in the local press.

Questions asked?

WHY was an application for grant aid for Felixstowe's sea defences not made a year before work was due to start? council officials left it too late to get the £5 million grant aid needed .Conservative controlled Suffolk Coastal had not made a formal application for the money even six months before the work was due to start. Labour councillors say leaving it so late was asking for trouble and has now left 1,600 homes, tourist attractions and businesses facing the risk of flooding.

"The council will have been aware of when the application should have been sent and the procedures to follow, which are well known

Residents believe the anomaly was caused because the council wanted to grant themselves permission to build houses on Felixstowe South Sea Front contrary to the local plan and Government restrictions on building on a flood plain pretending that there was no flood risk which has proved false.