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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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Another fine mess you have got me into again !

The South Area Development Control Sub Committee meet on 14 September 2006. And to see the agenda and all the spin surf to http://www2.suffolkcoastal.gov.uk/ cgi-bin/committee.cgi?p=detail&id=1_ 4398

Document ADCS 13/06 makes interesting reading.

will there be any advantage to Felixstowe at all after all the compromise over the plan ? .How sad that no real public consultation has taken place and the comments of the preservation and heritage societies have been ignored, with government guide lines cleverly by passed.

What a sad missed opportunity to make something really good for Felixstowe Suntrap of the East coast.

The dog unlike the council knows which side it needs to walk

Felixstowe free wave treatment

Courage needed to stand on the rather frail looking temporary steps down to the beach now underwater. thankfully the rocks piled along the sea wall were able to break the force of the waves.

Real cars (that is not council hypothetical ones ) where will they go when the council's organized chaos eventually take place ? And houses are built on this flood plain on the land that was to be used for recreation and leisure,

Perhaps the council regeneration planners have some scheme of making real cars disappear in a puff of smoke like the hypothetical ones do.

A good soaking was had by all

Felixstowe style free bike wash

There was a predicted high tide at Felixstowe on 10th September 2006. The sea gates were not closed and the day was one of the best 'Indian summer' days during the current warm spell and yet ! the following photographs reveal the real situation at Felixstowe with many visitors enjoying the lovely weather and the children enjoying dodging and cooling off in the waves. Here the council is determined to build houses contrary to the local plan and contrary to government guide lines. Visitors and residents alike are astonished at this foolish and unbelievable plan. those buying houses will certainly have plenty of running water.

Felixstowe High Tide 10 September 2006 an Indian summer day and yet.