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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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Beach hut near the stairs named Titanic, it is hoped that this is not a portent for the sinking into the beach of the new stairways or rocks. Huts of this nature once filled all the South Seafront Land upon which the Council intends to allow building. The Council cleared these all off the land in a previous building fiasco scheme which failed. It has been estimated that lost revenue from these huts alone would amount to £5M. Before this fiasco the area was a vibrant much used area to the delight of many holiday makers.

Will there be a plan B to throw in more rocks if present situation fails. Incredible the council still intends to build houses on the South Seafront land flood plain much to the astonishment of visitors and residents alike. This will make the area at even more risk by doing away with the natural soak away. Expert opinion to date has proved wrong and confidence in council statements is at a very low ebb to excuse the pun.

Looking down to the sea from one of the stairways. Visitors and residents who know the power of the winter storms wonder If the steps will stand up to the pounding waves and how long they will remain in this condition

Three super stairways to the Felixstowe Beach have been made as can be seen from these Pictures. Making it possible for children to make sand castles on the rather nice sandy beach on the South Seafront. The picture above show the results of having the groynes in place retaining the shingle in position but where these have been destroyed due to neglect. the promenade has been put at risk with the need to put Felixstowe 'on the rocks'

Promenade Felixstowe Battle in Saving

Felixstowe South Sea Front On The Rocks