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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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24 October 2006 looking down on the centre part of the Felixstowe promenade !

Is the gap getting wider and the prom leaning towards the sea ?

Will the rocks get into place on time ?

Watch this space.............................

24 October 2006 Herman De stern demolition commenced today of this historic building. This has been the council plan all along and residents now realize that the joke of public consultation; area plans; and planning procedures; need all to be taken with a pinch of salt.

The condemnation of the councils plans when they came known on page 20 of this site would still seem to apply

The Suffolk Preservation Society director has been scathing of the proposals to demolish the Herman De Stern.

The society considers the justification for the demolition to be totally unacceptable, unconvincing and to be the weakest case ever put forward in order to secure the demolition of an important historical building. The local press report that the contractors are being paid £129,500 to demolish it. The building was insured for £940,000 but the council as usual are refusing to say how much pay out they will be receiving.

24 October 2006 beach levels continuing to drop and care is needed not to fall over the edge. Behind this section of the promenade is the area that the council still intends to build on when the sea defences are complete. Will the marine park be even more " underwater marine "when it is built. It really is a pity that the council took no notice of the 250 or so objections to the scheme as many of which had to do with the flooding aspect. The site would be safe and ideal for recreation and leisure with some beach huts to bring in the needed revenue.

24 October 2006 Rocks being piled up in front of Manor Terrace ready to be deposited on the beach. Residents received a letter from Terry Oakes Associates on behalf of the Suffolk Coastal District Council saying on site operations has been authorized in between 4.00am and 8.00pm to ensure that the work was completed as soon as possible. Apparently the council have been unsuccessful in gaining necessary Government funding to carry out the major groyne replacement scheme that would provide the area with long term sea defences.

Felixstowe Herman De Stern Historic Building Demolition