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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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Devotion to duty Tony local Litter Picker wearing Shorts in November what bulldog spirit

Basil and Sybil (not Faulty Towers) enjoying the warm November sunshine in the suntrap of the East Coast after inspecting their hut for damage after the recent high tide. This is one of the huts that the council (acting a bit like the sheriff of Nottingham as portrayed in the recently shown BBC film Robin Hood) wanted to boot off the front so they did not spoil the view of the luxury flats that were planned. Such was the outcry though that council eventually repented of their decision. However what the council could not do it looks now as if the sea soon will.

Gridlock 4 November 06

Manor Terrace

Gridlock 4 November 06

Manor Road Manor Terrace

Helicopter hovers overhead as the Emma Maersk Arrives

A royal visit or a rock star ??? ......No

It was gridlock in the area again, as more and more visitors flocked to see the Emma Marsk arrive. Locals wondered if it was a portent of things to come if the council ever carries out it's plans to build on this flood plain No real traffic feasibility study has been carried out in the area for what is really a planned building site. Police were turning away cars from entering Manor Road and returning residents of Manor Terrace found the rear entrance right of way completely blocked .Visitors and residents alike have seen a marked deterioration in the quality of life in the area. Many unfortunately think that council incompetence has cause this and now living here you stand the risk of either being drowned or asphyxiated by carbon dioxide fumes.

The Emma Marsk Hailed as the world's largest container ship to date came into Felixstowe Port on the 4th November 2006, to unload 3000 of its 11000 containers. The vessel has been dubbed "ship full of Christmas" as the containers are filled with 45000 tonnes of festive products and toys from China all destined for UK high street stores and Supermarkets. As the sun was setting crowds of sight seers flocked to the end of Felixstowe Promenade and viewing area to witness the arrival.

Emma Maersk Hailed as the World's Largest Container Ship To date visits Felixstowe 4 Nov 06 is dredging to accommodate ships as big as this the cause of Felixstowe beach erosion ???