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Will Visitors and Residents soon need to take refuge in a modern Noah's Ark to escape flooding with Felixstowe's erosion hit shoreline and promenade

Felixstowe South Seafront Beach January 2007. Photos taken 15 January 2007 of the South Seafront beach have a very worrying look as far as erosion is concerned, the pipe work revealed right has been seen on occasions but not uncovered to this extent. The beach is still accessible towards the end of the promenade where the concrete steps go down and some shingle has built up. As can be seen the drop from the promenade has increased, bring your own ladder to get down safely. It also takes a bit of courage to walk on the breakwaters with even the ones that had some concrete put on them are undermined as can be seen photo right. The rocks placed in parts of the promenade have so far saved it, but a severe storm from the North East has not occurred since the placement. Two of the new stairways are open for beach access but one is still waiting repair after storm damage.

According to press reports Government funding for the major Government funding to carry out the major groyne and beach repairs could be delayed until 2008.

Will Felixstowe Promenade and the seafront still be here by then if nothing is done?. The council failed to apply for the grant in time but as can be seen by the photos taken on a calm January day in 2007 Felixstowe could be in real trouble if conditions continue to deteriorate as they are at present