2007 Felixstowe Shore and More

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Tropical Felixstowe in the background with tracks in the sand

Despite rocks being piled behind wall the visible crack above seems to be widening

This Godzilla Footprint was spotted 7 February 2007 on Felixstowe beach as repairs continue to save the promenade

This Godzilla type Footprint was spotted this morning 7 February 2007 on Felixstowe beach. Is the monster lurking on the Felixstowe south seafront Land ready to devour any council official Intending to implement the council house building plans on the seafront flood plain. The creature may have been disturbed by the promenade saving efforts of dumping more rocks on the beach that is taking place at the moment.

Emergency work continues apace to repair Felixstowe promenade with contractors working with the tides to save Felixstowe Promenade. Efforts continue to patch up the area that is adjacent to the land that the council are giving away for building. This is being referred to as "Martello Park" The proposed entrance to this building site is just over the wave wall to the left of this digger which really does raise the question as to why such a foolhardy project should be put into operation. The land was supposed to have been for recreation and leisure use but planning permission has amazingly been granted to build on the flood plain.The once beautiful historic Herman De Stern Building has been pulled down ( residents wanted to be a community centre) in preparation for building and the land leveled. Although the council failed to apply for funds for sea defences in time, the further delay in receiving this from the government is putting the whole area at risk.

Rocks and materials stacked in front of Manor Terrace with lorries arriving daily with fresh supplies

JCB retreating from the beach with the incoming tide

Close up of the worrying crack in the promenade

Lorry bringing massive rocks to be placed on beach behind the promenade