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Flowers are Still Being Brought in Memory of the 1953 Flood Victims

It is very moving to see the flowers and tributes left in the Flood Memorial Garden at Felixstowe. after all these years ! The 53 floods still have a deep effect on those suffering from the loss of loved ones so long ago. When speaking to those grieving in this way it is easy to understand why they are so appalled that the council can permit and encourage building on the south seafront flood plain. Gwen Howell who sadly passed away was one such person who would have laid down in front of any such building activity to stop such action that appears so foolish to residents and visitors alike.

Recorded names of those who perished in this Felixstowe disaster

Commemoration plaque to the 41 people who perished in 1953 and an account of the courage and generosity of those who rescued and helped the survivors