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2005 Proposals and Developments

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Freedom of Information Act Ignored

Many Felixstowe Residents have Seen the power of the sea at work and are wary of building on a flood plain. But are even more aware of the danger of the misuse of power by officialdom see

Email from Doreen Rayner

Councillors behaving badly (residents get ready for the next Council Hachet Man)

Email Re hospitals. The FGH Re-Design Group is no more. A new one has been formed and several members of the former group, including myself, having been given the boot! One of these is a retired GP - and outspoken gentleman. I am told 16 beds will be transferred back to the Felixstowe General, and that the Bartlet is under threat of demolition, the land to be sold to housing developers. In under one year the town and surrounding area has lost over 30 beds. I support the idea of care in the community. I just do not think there is enough money to provide a good and safe enough service for the thousands to be denied a hospital bed.

On to South Sea Front Development. The public has not seen new plans and apparently there will be no public consultation AND should elected representatives breathe a word about the project they will be considered to be in breach of whatever nonsense has been cooked up by  bods in high places behaving badly.

Some of the hundreds of marches regarding proposed hospital closures the banner states Who gives you  the right to sell off OUR hospital


Supporters of the Herman de Stern building on the seafront are furious about remarks made by Councillor Peter Bellfield, who said in a recent Evening Star article that the Herman de Stern should be demolished. "The asbestos in the building will cost the same to remove if the building is demolished or renovated," said Trevor Lockwood, "I believe that the money could easily be raised to bring this building back into use - and remain a gift to the people of Felixstowe, as it was originally intended." Campaigners are also concerned about the comments Cllr Bellfield made about the Bloor Homes development on the seafront, which they believe will be "nodded through" with minimal democratic consideration and public consultation.  News Text Felixstowetv

Medical Quote

The patient

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Even from earliest times the truth of fact that you reap what you sow was well known.

Is it now?


Residents are asking the question  that if the relative laws of the land are not being complied with by Councils what would happen if ordinary citizens start to ignore  the laws such as not paying  Council Tax etc.  How long before anarchy reigns


Truth ? the question of what really is behind all these matters. Our own esteemed MP. John Gummer according to press reports has been surprised at being told one thing  concerning hospital plans and entirely differently  on the next occasion .

Officials  think they can ignore Covenants on buildings given to the People of Felixstowe the hospitals and the Herman De stern  residents think they had better have  another thought coming to them.