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2005 Proposals and Developments

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Councillors Bryan Hall, Mike Ninnmey, Dot Paddick, John Kelso, and Mike Deacon have asked for the decision to be looked at again as residents objections have not been taken into account.

Campaigners want consultation

Profit is Coming First say Critics

Once more Headlines in the Local paper headline the appalling inconsistencies of Councillors continuing to try and railroad through their desires concerning the South Seafront Land development in Felixstowe which has been called in.

Richard Ward Dip.TP.MRTPI on behalf of the Suffolk Preservation Society has written a statement concerning Felixstowe South Seafront Proposed development and redevelopment. This clearly puts forward the society's position asking that this is taken into account when deciding what action to take on the call in request. This statement points out that the previous plan was rightly refused because it did not meet the Council's requirement for the site in its own Local Plan Policy AP202. The local community had apparently not been consulted in accordance to the government PPSI for developers to engage with the local community. The need is for open and a transparent process which has not taken place with the developer and community.

The call in request was thrown out and the truth was ignored by the Tory group councillors who  closed ranks to prevent public discussion.

So much for the freedom of information act and any thoughts of open and transparent government.

No wonder young people are disillusioned  with politics  and Felixstowe has gone from the premier  East Coast Holiday attraction to the state it is in today.

Thank goodness for the sunshine.  Residents believe that this at least has not been banned at the moment.

Although of course the high rise apartments built on land supposed to be set aside for leisure and recreation use will  put even this into a shadow.

Money money money