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2005 Proposals and Developments

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We will see 

The revised plan does not meet the area plan issue of minimum housing to pay for the leisure and recreation

Maritime Park in reality does not put the accent on leisure

Maritime Park will put the accent on leisure !

These are the headlines in the local Evening star  and a press release picture as above.

The quality of the drawing unfortunately makes seeing what the elevation and plan of the area will actually be like is rather difficult to discern.

The secrecy and continued cloak and dagger activity of the council has made residents and interested groups suspicious of the real intent of the scheme

Descriptions as high quality structures etc. in the past have turned out to be described by building preservation groups to be like Soviet workers apartments,but residents and other interested parties are hoping for a better result than the last plan.

If the scheme had been put out to other builders and the opportunity for consultation had been given. Residents believe that council tax payers would have probably have better deal than now.

The truth of the council statement as to if the accent will be put on leisure as per the original local plan will be shown whether to be true or not.